Cubitus (CBIT)

The CBIT is the second token of the Farming Tales metaverse, and is useful for paying for commodities and the various benefits that the world offers to users. The main use of CBIT is to buy water and food for your farm, without which it will not be possible to feed the animals and to water the gardens.

Moreover, CBITs are used for all other commodities such as gasoline (useful for reaching New Waxchester).

The CBIT has a supply of 100,000,000,000 Sestertii. However, CBITs are not created out of nowhere. They are created daily and placed in a pool just enough to ensure that all animals and plants staked on farms can be fed and irrigated.

CBITs are distributed daily to players based on the amount of SESTs they decide to stake within Farming Tales. The percentage of CBIT allocated to each user each day is equal to the percentage of the SEST pool that he holds.

Obviously CBITs can be traded on Alcor.

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