Sestertius (SEST)

The SEST is the main token of the Farming Tales metaverse, and is the currency that is normally used to regulate all productive activities such as the sale of products, the purchase of animals or plants, and to improve one's assets in New Waxchester.
SEST can be earned by selling farm products raw, or by upgrading them in New Waxchester.
The SEST has a supply of 100,000,000,000 Sestertii. However, the Sestertii are not created out of nowhere, and there is no pool that already contains them all. Sestertii are generated regularly based on users earnings.
Admins, developers and Farming Tales as a company do not hold any shares in Sestertii, other than the small quantities needed for testing.
Farming Tales and its staff will therefore never be able to artificially influence the price of the token in the market.
All Sestertii from in game marketplace purchases are sent back into the pool and returned to users via standard in-game actions.
SEST can also be used to buy some real product from our real farms in the near future.